My Adopted Kitties

Friday, September 18, 2009


Abby and Gibbs

My sister, Reese, and Ducky (see? they're all kid-trained, lol)

Leto, who should be fixed at the October clinic

Leto's brother, Jared

Gibbs, who is now available for adoption

Ducky, who will be fixed at the October clinic (she just in the last week pulled over 2 lbs)

Gibbs and his "littermate" Ducky

Gibbs, Abby, and Shannon got fixed at the clinic Saturday, so they are all available for adoption now. Shannon's available, but I'm hoping to keep her around a while longer so the boys (Jared and Leto) can learn more from her. Not that that should be a problem, seeing as she's about 2 years old, and it usually takes longer for adults to be adopted.

Abby is very laid-back and playful. You can do almost anything to this kitten, and she could care less. Very kid-friendly. She's a black and black-on-black tabby. She loves to snuggle and be loved, and she loves to give kisses (which sometimes become baths) on her own terms. She loves to play.

Gibbs is Abby's brother. He's a real cutie with a precious face, gray and white (with half a moustache and a goatee). Playful and pretty calm, he likes to sleep on people or in a kitty pile with his littermates. He's a very chill cat, just not as much as his sister, and good with kids. Very tolerating. Like any kitten, he loves to play.

Molly is about 6 months old. She's black and white, and still very much a kitten. She loves to play, and she's good with kids, having been lugged around by my 4 year old sister since she was about 6 weeks old. She likes to play, and she loves attention, and she will insist upon it. Once she gets used to other cats, she seems to be very lovey to those smaller than her after a while.

Shannon is about 2 years old, with an unknown history. She's a gray tabby. She'd do best, I believe, in a home with either no small children or a home where she'd be able to stay away from the child(ren). She has, thus far, been a one-person cat, attaching to myself, and tolerating everyone else with varying degrees of affection. She's shy, and skittish with other cats, but that could be because of her boys, Jared and Leto. She loves to be petted, talk, and purr. She's very social once she gets to trust you.

Those are my "adoptables" for now.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Rest in Peace, Rain

Sorry about the lack of posting. Life has been crazy since school started Aug. 20, and I started work on the 24th.

S. gave me her little bottle baby, Rain, since she was so tiny and just wasn't thriving on the bottle. I had a nursing mama, so we thought maybe she would catch up on Shannon's milk. Well, Shannon took to her fine, but it took us about 8 hours to get Rain to figure out what she was doing. Stubborn kitten.

A week after I got her, she passed away. I walked in to scoop the litter and she was lying on the floor, unmoving and cold. Needless to say, it was a huge shock. I hadn't expected it, and the first time you lose a foster is supposed to be the worst. I'll never get used to it. I hope it doesn't happen often. I'm not sure I could handle it if it did. We wrapped her in a towel, and buried her in our kitty graveyard in the backyard. I've been trying really hard not to think about it too much, because I still tear up, a week later. And I'd really rather not cry.

So rest in peace, sweet baby.

July 2009- August 29, 2009

Gibbs, Abby, and Ducky all managed to get some variety of a neurological virus, and Gibbs was in a pretty bad state when it was discovered something was really wrong (he was very dehydrated, pretty weak). Some fluids and a few days on antibiotics and being forcefed the gravy off of hard food soaked for a while, and Nutri-Cal, and he's fine now. So are the girls. Everyone is over it now, thank God. It was a pretty stressful weekend though (same weekend we lost Rain).

The boys, Jared and Leto, are getting bigger. They're eating hard food now, as Shannon is weaning them. They get hard food and canned food, both. Last I weighed them, they were 1 lb, 12 oz. and 1 lb, 11 oz., respectively.