My Adopted Kitties

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update on Daytona

Trying to figure out how to get his "brother" who is up on the pool table.

Daytona is apparently settling into his new home swimmingly. Our kitten who was scared of all the big cats has apparently found a kindred spirit in his new "big brother".

From Daytona's new family:
"Daytona will climb up on our bed at night (it's a pretty tall bed) and sleep above our head on the pillow....IT IS SOOOO CUTE!!! He is soooo playful. He can find ANYTHING to play with.

He is still a little shy when a new person comes around....he'll run under our bed, but he has definitely gotten used to us and our house. He loves to play on our stairs. He can't jump up on our pool table, but the bigger cat will get up there and Daytona will be underneath trying to get each other. It's so funny to watch them both. It's like they have been brothers from the get go. I was very worried that they wouldn't take to each other, but they have to my surprise!!!"

It's good to hear he's happy and has a family who obviously cares for him, both the humans and the furry. I love getting updates. It's nice to see that "my" kiddos do well in their new homes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Daytona was adopted!

Our cutie, Daytona, was adopted at Petsmart today. He's going to a family with a little girl, about 9 or 10 or so, who will love one him, I'm sure. I think he'll be okay there. Keely was looked at, but the adoption was a no-go.

But happy news for Daytona.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Cute Daytona Pictures

Daytona (and my sister, Reese)

Is he not just uber precious? I'm still arguing with myself over whether I'm going to Petsmart tomorrow, after last week's fiasco. If I do, I'm taking all 3 (Daytona, Keely, and Molly). I need to get some new shots of the others too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Update on Daytona

Daytona is cute. That can't be denied in our household. He's precious. He's a ball of fur with a fur halo. And since the escapade on Sunday, we've been doing "tough love", a.k.a. loving him whether he wants to be or not. We hold him and pet him whether he wants to be or not. When my Dad was moving in my little sister's bed (which made a lot of noise), I held him through it, though he wanted to run. I shifted hands more in 2 minutes than I have in a while with him, to keep a hold on him and try to comfort him through the noise.

And over the last few days, he's gotten a lot more lovey. He's still skittish, big noises scare him. But he's much more loving. He'll come out from his favorite hiding place (under our coffee table which is low to the ground and therefore, the big cats can't get to him.) and sit on my dad. He'll go from my dad and hop over onto the other couch and sit on me or my mom. But when he's scared, he's right back under the table.

I say this after Elsie (one of my big cats) decided to go after him. There was hissing and growling but no one was injured. Although it was loud. :/ For some reason, Elsie isn't really fond of Daytona. He plays with Nuala and the others fine, but for some reason, she's just not fond of Daytona. But Daytona has some big boots. He'll hiss and growl and spit when scared. He seems to think he's much bigger than he actually is (2 lbs., a good handful).

He loves to play, though, and be petted. He loves to be petted. He'll flop over onto his back to have his tummy rubbed, and then he'll "bunny foot" as we call it and grab onto your hands and nip. It's play-fighting. None of the other kittens have really taken to him, so we're the only "training" he's had, as a singleton. But he's the sweetest thing. He's cute, precious, loving, and has a ready purr. He'll make someone a good baby.

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Funny Now That It's Over...

But at the wasn't funny at all.

I went to PetSmart in North Little Rock yesterday, for the adoption show-thingy we (FuRR) do there on Sundays. I wasn't planning on taking any kitties with me, since Keely, Molly, and Daytona all got fixed on Saturday. But Daytona was acting normal, so I decided I'd take him with me. And then he decided to hide, so it was a no go. And then...he came out and I was able to catch him, so I took him with me. Soon after I got on the interstate, I got this feeling and thought for a moment about taking Daytona back home. But I was already running late, and I was going, more or less, so I could see Mac, my first (and only, so far) adoptee. Who by the way is HUGE. He's like twice the size of his sister, Nuala. But anyway, back on topic. So I continued to North Little Rock, and about the time I get into my parking spot, I get a message from K. saying the Mac is there. I text her back and tell her I'm in the parking lot. I go in, see Mac, help give him his vaccines, and hold him a bit, and say bye. And then K. gets Daytona settled into a "display" kennel. He's, to say the least, not real thrilled. There's no where to hide and there's lots of odd noises and sounds. But, I figure, it's good for him, to get used to it.

After a little while, I decide he might like to be held, to be surrounded by a familiar scent. And some of you can see where this is going, right? Yeah. I'm holding him and all of a sudden, he jumps down and is off! I'm trying to keep up with him (he went under the table, I couldn't. There were carriers there.), K. has to hand off her kitten to help me chase Daytona around PetSmart. I've never felt like I was in a H@nnah Mont@na episode, but I really did as I ran through the store yelling 'catch that kitten!' to anyone I passed. I yelled it at a group of teenage girls he ran by and only one took off after him. If you ever see this, thank you for helping.

He ran under the big shelf for cat condos and kitty litter, and we're chasing him from end to end under this shelf, trying to catch him. I would pay to have those under-areas blocked at this point. And somewhere in this, I remember thinking 'this will make a great blog post'. We have at least 10 people after this 2 lb kitten, bird nets and all kinds of things. And then...he just poofs. No one saw where he went and no one can find him. We looked just about every where in that store for roughly 3 hours. We got kitten traps brought in and set them up, and I sadly left without Daytona. We put food in the traps and set them, and hoped he would be found this morning. After all, he's a kitten. Hunger has to hit eventually.

Mom called PetSmart this morning to see if he'd been caught. He had, they just hadn't called yet. So we told them we'd be over as soon as we can to get him.

So this afternoon I went to pick up Daytona, and he just looks at me like 'HI MOM!'. Thank god, he's cute. He was found in the trap by receiving. Thank goodness, he got hungry.

Anyone want a kitten with a story? LOL.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Available for Adoption!

Daytona got fixed today (7/11) and got his first round of shots. Since he's fixed and has gotten his first vacs, he is available for adoption. He's a medium to long haired gray tabby, and his eye infection or kitty cold, whatever it was, has cleared up. He's a sweetie, very cuddly. Loves to be played with. Very fluffy. He's about 10 weeks old, we're putting his birthday at May 2nd, 2009.

This is Molly. She's our feisty girl, loving, very playful, but full of attitude. She was fixed today (7/11) and has had 2 rounds of her kitten shots (out of the 3 needed for kittens). She has a very silky coat. She likes to play with dangly things. She is available for adoption. She is roughly 3 months old. I think we put her birthday at March 30, 2009. She's petite, but makes up for it in heart and attitude. :D She's Keely's littermate.

This is Keely. Keely is a very laid back tortoiseshell calico. She's very chill and loves to snuggle. She often sleeps with me, and wants to be petted, and she knows how to be insistent about getting the pets she wants. ;) She was spayed today (7/11) and had round 2 of her kitten shots. She is available for adoption. She's 3 months old, and her birthday is guessed at March 30, 2009. She's Molly's littermate.

If you would like to look into adopting one of these kittens, please email me using the email link on the left side of the page, the gray and white cat holding a letter. Just click there. Or you can email FuRR at saveacat @ (without the spaces, which are there to prevent spam bots). It's $70 to adopt any of these sweethearts, which includes a bag of kitten food, coupons, a nail trim, some flea treatment, and there may be more that I'm not remembering. Not to mention a new best friend! We're at the PetSmart in North Little Rock most Sundays, but I'm not there every weekend, so if you want to meet one of these cuties, I need to know in advance to make sure I'm there if I can be.

Oh, and P.S. the names we give them are "stage names". The person/people who adopt them are welcome to change them if they like. It would just be hard to wander around calling them Cat A, Cat B, etc. LOL.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


(that whitish part at the corner of his eyes are the third eyelid, I believe. They're more reddish in real life.)
Daytona, who is also sometimes called Tony, LOOOOVES to have his belly rubbed.

This is my most recent sweetie. His eyes have cleared up a lot, but his third eyelid is persistent in staying partially out. But the drainage is all clear now. He's such a lover, loves to be petted, that's all he really wants right now, is company and pets. If it doesn't go back down by Saturday, I guess FuRR's vet will have to have a look-see. But hopefully, these drops will clear it up. He's a real cutie. I hope he gets a good family soon. Same for Keely and Molly. I don't want them to go, but it's rewarding to see them go to good families, and particularly to get updates. :D Updates are fun.

What's Going Down...

I got my camera back today, so I will try to take some better shots of Daytona this evening to post. His eyes are looking much better. I think they may still be running a bit, but it's clear now, instead of that greeny snot stuff. Even my inexperienced self can tell that's a good thing. He's only had one dose of some uber eye meds (I can't remember what they were) that was a kind of gel-ish stuff, and 2 drops in each eye of an eye drop that I'd have to go look at it to see what it is. But he's already looking a lot better, like his eyes aren't bothering him so much. And he never acted "pitiful" to begin with! He's still in kitty isolation for now, though. He may be fixed this weekend with Keely and Molly, provided his eyes are cleared up. Then he, along with Keely and Molly, will be available for adoption.

The older kittens, Nuala, Keely, and Molly (Nuala is spoken for, the paperwork just needs to be filled out) are getting bigger. Keely has finally gotten enough bounce into her to able to jump onto smooth surfaces. Like the toilet, and the toilet to the cabinet, etc. She was the first one to accomplish this. Little, calm, laid-back Keely. Then today, Nuala got on a box and managed to make the jump from the box to the top of our organ. Okay, there was some claw assistance there, but that's still the biggest jump she's made. Now, we're waiting for Molly to find something to scale. Of course, she may be like Chi-Chi and have no interest in heights. Chi-Chi was over 2 years old before she started getting up on anything higher than the table, and she still doesn't do it much at all.

One funny thing Molly did do, though, was pass out on Mom. She curled up on Mom and sacked out. Reese even dumped lids full of water on her and she never woke up. Then, still asleep, she gradually uncurled until she was lying, belly up, on my Mom with her front paws extended above her head and her hind legs out on the other side of Mom. Completely asleep. It was comical. But the really funny part was when she started to wake up. She went to stretch and then started to slide into the space between Mom and I, so the hind legs flew up and she went heels over head into this gap, and then she pops up with this "WTH?" look. It was toooo funny.

Hope everyone's having a good summer. Try and stay cool, and remember to keep the critters cool, too. They have fur coats after all.

Monday, July 6, 2009

New Foster Baby

Reese (my sister) and Daytona

I got a new foster kit today. His name is Daytona, and he is at least 8 weeks old, based on the fact his eye color has set in. They're a pretty copper color. He's a grey tabby, VERY fluffy. I'm betting he'll either be a long-hair or a medium-hair. He has some kind of eye infection currently, so he's in kitty isolation. Poor baby has eye snot.

A lady found him this weekend and has been keeping him on her deck in the day and in the garage in her dog kennel at night. She couldn't keep him due to a variety of reasons, among them being she's way allergic to cats. So for her to be so sweet to him was really nice. He's pretty well filled out, not scrawny by any stretch, small but not skin and bones. She called FuRR and S. emailed me and asked me if I wanted to take over his "case". So I called the lady up and met her in North Little Rock and voila!, I have another kitten who absolutely ADORES being petted and loved on. His biggest bane in life right now is probably being in isolation. He's the sweetest little thing, a bit skittish but he's small, and we're big. Who can blame him?

I'll get better pictures of him this evening or tomorrow and post them.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Spay/Neuter Clinic

Keely and Molly are supposed to be fixed at the clinic this weekend. They should be ready to go by the 19th (to give them a week to heal in a familiar setting, get back to acting normal, and for me to make sure their incisions are healing up okay.)

Anyone interested in these precious little buggers?

Friday, July 3, 2009

They've grown so much!

It's odd to look at my kits and see how much they've grown. I guess it's kind of like preschoolers, they've lost their "baby" looks, but they're definitely not grown up either. But they've changed a lot since we got them, gotten bigger, both physically and personality-wise. Nuala's the diva, but she's also the one who will "fight" with Chi-Chi and Elsie, both of which mother all 3 of the babies. She's very playful and very loving. Molly's fiesty, she really ought to be a redhead. She's loving, but she's definitely not afraid to make it known that 'okay, time to let me down'. She's the one who used to hiss as a baby, and still does if the situation calls for it. It was really cute when she was a baby because it definitely wasn't threatening. Keely is our calm girl, she likes to be petted. All you have to do is look at her good to get a purr, touch her and you have a loud purr. She'll tolerate just about anything. Go figure, since torties usually have "tortie-tude". LOL.

They've all grown so much. It's amazing.