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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Update on Daytona

Trying to figure out how to get his "brother" who is up on the pool table.

Daytona is apparently settling into his new home swimmingly. Our kitten who was scared of all the big cats has apparently found a kindred spirit in his new "big brother".

From Daytona's new family:
"Daytona will climb up on our bed at night (it's a pretty tall bed) and sleep above our head on the pillow....IT IS SOOOO CUTE!!! He is soooo playful. He can find ANYTHING to play with.

He is still a little shy when a new person comes around....he'll run under our bed, but he has definitely gotten used to us and our house. He loves to play on our stairs. He can't jump up on our pool table, but the bigger cat will get up there and Daytona will be underneath trying to get each other. It's so funny to watch them both. It's like they have been brothers from the get go. I was very worried that they wouldn't take to each other, but they have to my surprise!!!"

It's good to hear he's happy and has a family who obviously cares for him, both the humans and the furry. I love getting updates. It's nice to see that "my" kiddos do well in their new homes.

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Cheryl D. said...

Love the pictures, and i know how happy you were to get them. Daytona is a cutie, and it sounds like they are getting on well with them :-)