My Adopted Kitties

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Newest Members...

Molly, who is available for adoption, playing with her favorite toy

Abby, Ducky, and Gibbs, happily conked out together

Shannon, my mama cat

Leto and Jared

Leto. Such a cutie...

Meet Shannon, Jared, and Leto. They're rescued from the same animal control place Gibbs and Abby were rescued from. Same kind of situation. Best guess is the mama is about 2 years old (according to the animal control people), but they guessed the babies to be about 2 weeks, and we're thinking probably closer to 4. They weigh 1 lb, 5 oz. each, which is the same that Ducky weighs now. They were surrendered by someone who found them near their house. The mama, Shannon, is skittish about loud noises, but she's a real sweetheart, loves to be petted and purrs and talks to you some. She's not a lap cat right now, she probably won't be, but she's a sweetie, very loving. And tame. She's a gorgeous gray tabby, and a good mother if her babies are anything to go by, though this will definitely be her last litter. As soon as her kiddos are weaned, the next clinic she'll be fixed and up for going to her new home, wherever that may be. But she's obviously a good mama, her babies are little butterballs. Leto is going to be a gray tabby, I'm pretty sure; Jared may be blue. It's still kind of a toss-up. I think they'll be fixed at the October clinic.

Abby and Gibbs, and possibly Ducky, if she gains more weight, will be fixed at the September clinic, and then they'll be ready to go to a new home. Gibbs and Abby are very laid-back, you can do just about anything to Abby and she could care less. But Ducky wants attention. She's very vocal, loves to be held, and sleep on people. And if she wants attention, you will know it. LOL.

Molly is fixed, has all 3 of her kitten shots (she can't have rabies until she's about 6 months old), and is ready for her new home. She's playful, loves to be petted, has a ready purr, and she sleeps with me, at the foot of the bed usually. She likes attention, but she can be independent, too, though she'd do best with another feline to play with.

If you're interested in any of these guys, email me, or FuRR at SaveaCat @ (without the spaces).

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pictures of Gibbs, Abby, and Ducky

Loveable little Gibbs. He likes to snuggle.

Ducky, our loud mouth.


Abby, of the funny dark tabby pattern

As promised, pictures of my NCIS crew.

Abby and Gibbs are about 7 weeks old now, and Ducky is about 5.5 weeks, or so. I'm hesitant to call her 6 just yet, because she's not quite to where Gibbs and Abby were when we got them a week ago. But it's all kind of a toss-up anyway. Ducky is in that 'I have to explore everything' stage, whereas Gibbs and Abby are generally content to simply lay on someone and be cuddled. I'm guessing probably because they missed that in their early weeks. Ducky was like that at first. They're all real sweethearts.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 12 is Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day! has declared August 12 Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Day! Less adoptable pets include older animals (above kitten and puppy age), as well as seniors, animals with special needs, shy animals, animals that are black in color, and breeds that have an accompanying stigma.

FuRR has several cats that fall into these catagories. We have older cats (we have cats from kittens to several years old), black cats, cats who are FIV or FeLK +, or have other special needs, such as being blind or lame.

You should check out Petfinder's page about this day. It provides some interesting insight.

In other news, Ducky now has some littermates. I went to a local animal control shelter that is high intake and low outgoing and rescued them from being euthanized. They're about 6 weeks old, so a little older than Ducky, and we're calling them Abby and Gibbs (yep, our own NCIS crew). They're believed to be siblings, as they were brought in together, but as is often the case with strays, nothing is for sure. But you can't tell me these kittens don't know how close they came to not making it. They are some of the most tolerating kittens I have ever seen. Abby is like a jell-o cat. You can hold her, hang her upside down, she's just very go-with-the-flow. My sister even put a bow in her "hair". Abby has a black head, legs, and tail, and her mid-section is a really dark tabby with dark grey tips. It's the funniest looking thing, but so pretty at the same time. Her brother, Gibbs, looks like a darker (bigger) version of Ducky, with more grey. He's very laid-back and playful, but not quite as social as Ducky and Abby, but he doesn't mind being held and played with. He's just not going to come running for it like the girls. He also has half a "moustache" and a "goatee". It's so funny. He's a very cute kitten, very round. I need to get some pictures of them soon to post on here. Abby, Gibbs, and Ducky should all be fixed at the September clinic, and then they'll be clear to be adopted. Abby and Gibbs should definitely be ready to be fixed then, Ducky is small so it's kind of a toss-up at this point. But Molly is available right now. She's a sweetheart, and she's gotten more "pet-me"-ish since Keely was adopted. They were littermates and buddies, but aside from depending more on humans for affection, she hasn't shown any negative effects of Keely leaving, thankfully.

We had our August clinic yesterday, and we did something or another to 58 cats! We spayed or neutered 55, and gave shots/blood tests/etc. only to 3 others. Whew!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keely was Adopted!

Keely was adopted last night! It was also the first adoption I've done alone, without S. or anyone to help me. She has 2 other torties, had 3, but one died of cardiomyopathy, and she loooooves torties. She's also an old hand in rescue so I know Keely is safe with her. Keely's name will be changed, which is fine, and when I know, I'll mention it on here. But she has a good home now, with feline and canine sisters, and a person who really knows what she's doing.

Now I just need a home for Molly and my entire first litter will have found homes.

I want to post a picture of Keely, but Snapfish (my photo storage site that I use) is being cranky. So maybe later.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Meet Ducky

Is this not just one of the cutest things you've ever seen?

I rescued her on Friday, and I took her to Petsmart with me yesterday to let more experienced eyes gauge her age and health. She's 4-5 weeks old. And just for the nifty birthday, I think I'm putting it on July 4. It's right at about 4 weeks, but when she's older a week won't matter, and she'll have a fun and easy to remember birthday. And an annual celebration, lol. She's surprisingly healthy, and her ears are remarkably clean. Other than being covered in bug bites, she's great. Still dirty in spots, she didn't appreciate the short and not heavy-duty bath I gave her Friday night. So her feet and rear aren't real clean still. But she's eating good, playing good, using the litter box. Assuming she gains enough weight, she should be fixed at the September clinic, just over a month away.

Oh, and the picture is her passed out on my lap at Petsmart yesterday. The blue cord is her leash since she didn't want to just stay in my lap, and I didn't want a repeat of the Great Kitten Escapade.

Ducky is the sweetest thing. We call her Ducky because her meow is more of a 'meh' and sounds kind of like a rubber ducky, she's the first of my "NCIS crew", and she was found on a really wet day.

Now to her finding story: She was found in a ditch on Wednesday, which for anyone who lives around here, you will remember was incredibly wet. She was found in a ditch under grass and a tree limb, screaming her heart out (which I can definitely see. She's a loud mouth, lol.) So she's a survivor. Fortunately, it wasn't cold. The lady who found her couldn't find a mother or littermates, so who knows?

If you're interested in Ducky, let me or FuRR know. You can go ahead and fill out an application and all and place a deposit on her if your application is deemed to be a suitable match for Ducky. Obviously, you can't take her home until she's fixed, but she could be "your's" before then.