My Adopted Kitties

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Update on Ducky and Gibbs

Squeak (Ducky) and Smudge (Gibbs)

OMG, They've grown up!
From their mama:

Smudge is vying for my attention and trying to help me type this note while purring loudly. Squeak is lying in the window, trying to take in the last of the smells before I close things down. They were watching me mow and work in the yard just before I took that photo. They want to go outside but DO NOT like their leashes. I won't let them out otherwise. They remain adorable.

Oh, and all of my litter of 6 are spoken for, except Sophie. And she has lots of people looking at her.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

One dollar...

Sweet Jade, not long after we got him, when we still gave wet food on a plate where he could plow through it. LOL.

Kitty Kitty Updates

Jade, my male calico...

Turns out Chandler and Jade are boys. Good to know.

Also, Carys, Jasper (who is now known as Bella, as that is what her new family will call her), and Chandler all have deposits on them and will be going home as soon as they are fixed! Yay!

And now...for updated weights:

Alexa 20 oz up from 16.5
Chandler 22 oz up from 19 oz
Jade 25 oz up from 20 oz
Sophie 20 oz up from 17 oz
Bella (formerly known as Jasper) 25 oz up from 21 oz
Carys 17 oz (and just got shoved at the food bowl :P ) up from 14 oz

So an average weight gain of 3 oz each in 1 week, and upwards of 9 oz in a month at the smallest (Carys, who was originally 8 oz) to 13 oz (Jade was 12 oz when we got her).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Update on Kittens







Just an FYI, Leto was adopted a few weeks ago.

These little buggers have gotten so big! The smallest, Carys, has gone from 8 oz to 14 oz! When we got them, at around 4 weeks old, they ranged from 8 oz to 12 oz. Here's where they are now:

Carys: 14 oz
Jade: 20 oz (one of our original 12 oz-ers)
Jasper: 21 oz
Sophie: 17 oz
Chandler: 19 oz
Alex: 16.5 oz

They're all up on Petfinder, but the absolute earliest any of them could go into permanent homes will be mid-April. And that's assuming they're big enough to be fixed.