My Adopted Kitties

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Keely was Adopted!

Keely was adopted last night! It was also the first adoption I've done alone, without S. or anyone to help me. She has 2 other torties, had 3, but one died of cardiomyopathy, and she loooooves torties. She's also an old hand in rescue so I know Keely is safe with her. Keely's name will be changed, which is fine, and when I know, I'll mention it on here. But she has a good home now, with feline and canine sisters, and a person who really knows what she's doing.

Now I just need a home for Molly and my entire first litter will have found homes.

I want to post a picture of Keely, but Snapfish (my photo storage site that I use) is being cranky. So maybe later.

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