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Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 12 is Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable-Pet Day! has declared August 12 Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet Day! Less adoptable pets include older animals (above kitten and puppy age), as well as seniors, animals with special needs, shy animals, animals that are black in color, and breeds that have an accompanying stigma.

FuRR has several cats that fall into these catagories. We have older cats (we have cats from kittens to several years old), black cats, cats who are FIV or FeLK +, or have other special needs, such as being blind or lame.

You should check out Petfinder's page about this day. It provides some interesting insight.

In other news, Ducky now has some littermates. I went to a local animal control shelter that is high intake and low outgoing and rescued them from being euthanized. They're about 6 weeks old, so a little older than Ducky, and we're calling them Abby and Gibbs (yep, our own NCIS crew). They're believed to be siblings, as they were brought in together, but as is often the case with strays, nothing is for sure. But you can't tell me these kittens don't know how close they came to not making it. They are some of the most tolerating kittens I have ever seen. Abby is like a jell-o cat. You can hold her, hang her upside down, she's just very go-with-the-flow. My sister even put a bow in her "hair". Abby has a black head, legs, and tail, and her mid-section is a really dark tabby with dark grey tips. It's the funniest looking thing, but so pretty at the same time. Her brother, Gibbs, looks like a darker (bigger) version of Ducky, with more grey. He's very laid-back and playful, but not quite as social as Ducky and Abby, but he doesn't mind being held and played with. He's just not going to come running for it like the girls. He also has half a "moustache" and a "goatee". It's so funny. He's a very cute kitten, very round. I need to get some pictures of them soon to post on here. Abby, Gibbs, and Ducky should all be fixed at the September clinic, and then they'll be clear to be adopted. Abby and Gibbs should definitely be ready to be fixed then, Ducky is small so it's kind of a toss-up at this point. But Molly is available right now. She's a sweetheart, and she's gotten more "pet-me"-ish since Keely was adopted. They were littermates and buddies, but aside from depending more on humans for affection, she hasn't shown any negative effects of Keely leaving, thankfully.

We had our August clinic yesterday, and we did something or another to 58 cats! We spayed or neutered 55, and gave shots/blood tests/etc. only to 3 others. Whew!

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