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Monday, July 6, 2009

New Foster Baby

Reese (my sister) and Daytona

I got a new foster kit today. His name is Daytona, and he is at least 8 weeks old, based on the fact his eye color has set in. They're a pretty copper color. He's a grey tabby, VERY fluffy. I'm betting he'll either be a long-hair or a medium-hair. He has some kind of eye infection currently, so he's in kitty isolation. Poor baby has eye snot.

A lady found him this weekend and has been keeping him on her deck in the day and in the garage in her dog kennel at night. She couldn't keep him due to a variety of reasons, among them being she's way allergic to cats. So for her to be so sweet to him was really nice. He's pretty well filled out, not scrawny by any stretch, small but not skin and bones. She called FuRR and S. emailed me and asked me if I wanted to take over his "case". So I called the lady up and met her in North Little Rock and voila!, I have another kitten who absolutely ADORES being petted and loved on. His biggest bane in life right now is probably being in isolation. He's the sweetest little thing, a bit skittish but he's small, and we're big. Who can blame him?

I'll get better pictures of him this evening or tomorrow and post them.

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