My Adopted Kitties

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


(that whitish part at the corner of his eyes are the third eyelid, I believe. They're more reddish in real life.)
Daytona, who is also sometimes called Tony, LOOOOVES to have his belly rubbed.

This is my most recent sweetie. His eyes have cleared up a lot, but his third eyelid is persistent in staying partially out. But the drainage is all clear now. He's such a lover, loves to be petted, that's all he really wants right now, is company and pets. If it doesn't go back down by Saturday, I guess FuRR's vet will have to have a look-see. But hopefully, these drops will clear it up. He's a real cutie. I hope he gets a good family soon. Same for Keely and Molly. I don't want them to go, but it's rewarding to see them go to good families, and particularly to get updates. :D Updates are fun.

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