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Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Funny Now That It's Over...

But at the wasn't funny at all.

I went to PetSmart in North Little Rock yesterday, for the adoption show-thingy we (FuRR) do there on Sundays. I wasn't planning on taking any kitties with me, since Keely, Molly, and Daytona all got fixed on Saturday. But Daytona was acting normal, so I decided I'd take him with me. And then he decided to hide, so it was a no go. And then...he came out and I was able to catch him, so I took him with me. Soon after I got on the interstate, I got this feeling and thought for a moment about taking Daytona back home. But I was already running late, and I was going, more or less, so I could see Mac, my first (and only, so far) adoptee. Who by the way is HUGE. He's like twice the size of his sister, Nuala. But anyway, back on topic. So I continued to North Little Rock, and about the time I get into my parking spot, I get a message from K. saying the Mac is there. I text her back and tell her I'm in the parking lot. I go in, see Mac, help give him his vaccines, and hold him a bit, and say bye. And then K. gets Daytona settled into a "display" kennel. He's, to say the least, not real thrilled. There's no where to hide and there's lots of odd noises and sounds. But, I figure, it's good for him, to get used to it.

After a little while, I decide he might like to be held, to be surrounded by a familiar scent. And some of you can see where this is going, right? Yeah. I'm holding him and all of a sudden, he jumps down and is off! I'm trying to keep up with him (he went under the table, I couldn't. There were carriers there.), K. has to hand off her kitten to help me chase Daytona around PetSmart. I've never felt like I was in a H@nnah Mont@na episode, but I really did as I ran through the store yelling 'catch that kitten!' to anyone I passed. I yelled it at a group of teenage girls he ran by and only one took off after him. If you ever see this, thank you for helping.

He ran under the big shelf for cat condos and kitty litter, and we're chasing him from end to end under this shelf, trying to catch him. I would pay to have those under-areas blocked at this point. And somewhere in this, I remember thinking 'this will make a great blog post'. We have at least 10 people after this 2 lb kitten, bird nets and all kinds of things. And then...he just poofs. No one saw where he went and no one can find him. We looked just about every where in that store for roughly 3 hours. We got kitten traps brought in and set them up, and I sadly left without Daytona. We put food in the traps and set them, and hoped he would be found this morning. After all, he's a kitten. Hunger has to hit eventually.

Mom called PetSmart this morning to see if he'd been caught. He had, they just hadn't called yet. So we told them we'd be over as soon as we can to get him.

So this afternoon I went to pick up Daytona, and he just looks at me like 'HI MOM!'. Thank god, he's cute. He was found in the trap by receiving. Thank goodness, he got hungry.

Anyone want a kitten with a story? LOL.

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