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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What's Going Down...

I got my camera back today, so I will try to take some better shots of Daytona this evening to post. His eyes are looking much better. I think they may still be running a bit, but it's clear now, instead of that greeny snot stuff. Even my inexperienced self can tell that's a good thing. He's only had one dose of some uber eye meds (I can't remember what they were) that was a kind of gel-ish stuff, and 2 drops in each eye of an eye drop that I'd have to go look at it to see what it is. But he's already looking a lot better, like his eyes aren't bothering him so much. And he never acted "pitiful" to begin with! He's still in kitty isolation for now, though. He may be fixed this weekend with Keely and Molly, provided his eyes are cleared up. Then he, along with Keely and Molly, will be available for adoption.

The older kittens, Nuala, Keely, and Molly (Nuala is spoken for, the paperwork just needs to be filled out) are getting bigger. Keely has finally gotten enough bounce into her to able to jump onto smooth surfaces. Like the toilet, and the toilet to the cabinet, etc. She was the first one to accomplish this. Little, calm, laid-back Keely. Then today, Nuala got on a box and managed to make the jump from the box to the top of our organ. Okay, there was some claw assistance there, but that's still the biggest jump she's made. Now, we're waiting for Molly to find something to scale. Of course, she may be like Chi-Chi and have no interest in heights. Chi-Chi was over 2 years old before she started getting up on anything higher than the table, and she still doesn't do it much at all.

One funny thing Molly did do, though, was pass out on Mom. She curled up on Mom and sacked out. Reese even dumped lids full of water on her and she never woke up. Then, still asleep, she gradually uncurled until she was lying, belly up, on my Mom with her front paws extended above her head and her hind legs out on the other side of Mom. Completely asleep. It was comical. But the really funny part was when she started to wake up. She went to stretch and then started to slide into the space between Mom and I, so the hind legs flew up and she went heels over head into this gap, and then she pops up with this "WTH?" look. It was toooo funny.

Hope everyone's having a good summer. Try and stay cool, and remember to keep the critters cool, too. They have fur coats after all.

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Cheryl D. said...

A funny thing :the four year old had night terrors (not the funny part)the other night, and the kittens were all like "If you will just settle down and sleep, everything will be okay.You are disturbing me, come here and snuggle!"