My Adopted Kitties

Friday, July 3, 2009

They've grown so much!

It's odd to look at my kits and see how much they've grown. I guess it's kind of like preschoolers, they've lost their "baby" looks, but they're definitely not grown up either. But they've changed a lot since we got them, gotten bigger, both physically and personality-wise. Nuala's the diva, but she's also the one who will "fight" with Chi-Chi and Elsie, both of which mother all 3 of the babies. She's very playful and very loving. Molly's fiesty, she really ought to be a redhead. She's loving, but she's definitely not afraid to make it known that 'okay, time to let me down'. She's the one who used to hiss as a baby, and still does if the situation calls for it. It was really cute when she was a baby because it definitely wasn't threatening. Keely is our calm girl, she likes to be petted. All you have to do is look at her good to get a purr, touch her and you have a loud purr. She'll tolerate just about anything. Go figure, since torties usually have "tortie-tude". LOL.

They've all grown so much. It's amazing.

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