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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

In The Beginning...

So...I decided to foster kittens through a local feline rescue group known as FuRR. This blog is a chronicling of my adventures, not only in fostering, but as a member of FuRR. This is a blog about giving your heart to an animal who needs, an animal that is so much more than just an animal, so much so that it seems incredibly inaccurate to refer to them as such. Cats are, as a general rule, not animals, but friends, family, children, confidants, and even those who cannot be tamed, in those luminscent eyes, there is an intelligence and a soul that cannot be denied. These felines were once known as gods, worshipped as such, and, as is commonly known among cat-lovers, they have never forgotten this. Dogs have owners, cats have staff, as the saying goes.

Since getting involved with FuRR the first weekend in May, and being handed my first litter of foster kittens on May 9, my life has changed. I love these kits like my own, and it's sad to know they will go to new homes sooner rather than later. But I know that my tending to them will give them a better chance at a good home. All of my 4 kits are completely used to be wagged around by a 4 year old child who adores them. They have no problems with other cats- it's the other cats who seem completely baffled by them.

Mac, my blue eyed pretty boy, has the markings of a Siamese and a loving nature. A loud rumbling purr he's only too happy to let you partake of. First to the food bowl and last out.

Nuala, (new-lah) my sage-blue eyed patchwork kitty, who's cream colored, but looks like she's been splattered with bleach in some spots and ink in others. She distinctly reminds me of Marie from the Aristocats in her mannerisms. She has some random orange spots, mixed with cream, at the very tip of her black tail and at the very tips of her black and cream ears. She's a sweet heart, a bit skittish at first, but very loveable.

Keely, my somewhat funny looking, yet incredibly adorable tortoiseshell. She's a marvelous mix of black, white, and orange. She's the calm one of the bunch, taking my sister's love with a grain of salt and just going with the flow. She's very relaxed and loves to be loved on.

Molly, my black and white lil' bad girl. A sweet heart as a general rule, she'll be the first to let you know when she's displeased, either because she's been scared, upset, or just because, with an adorable hiss that you know is supposed to be imposing, but she's so small it's just not possible. Despite her bad-girl attitude, she's a lover once she gets to know you, but is quick to voice any displeasure. She, like Keely, takes my sister's love, though quite begrudingly, and will take the quickest way out to get away. She's also known as my dad's "Lil' Buddy".

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