My Adopted Kitties

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Ducky and Gibbs got adopted to the same home today. Which I'm thrilled about because they're both pretty close to each other. The lady had 2 14 year old cats who died this summer from complications of diabetes, that were brothers, so she was interested in adopting Ducky, because she looked like a baby version of her boys, and a litter mate if she any. I explained that they weren't biologically related but she was a part of a "litter". Ducky and Gibbs are very close, Gibbs is very much a big brother to Ducky, so I was thrilled when she decided to take them both, because her boys had been so close. I think it will make the transition easier on them.

It's hard to let my babies go, though I've been told it gets easier. These two were particularly difficult to let go because back in August we had an outbreak of a viral neurological syndrome in our house that affected Gibbs, Ducky, and Abby all to different extents. Gibbs got it first (we still don't know how), and got very sick. He was badly dehydrated when we realized something was wrong, and he was actually septic when we took him to vet the next day after emergency subcutaneous fluid that night. The neurological part was that his hind legs weren't cooperating enough for him to really walk. All 3 kittens had some version of this, with Abby's being the mildest (low grade fever and the hind legs not quite cooperating), Ducky's being the mid-case (fever, mild dehydration, and uncooperative hind legs), and then Gibbs. By a week later, all were much better and acting normal. And now there is no evidence they ever had a problem. But we were very paranoid there for about a week, and you really bond when there's a medical issue, I find.

So yes, I'm sad they're gone. But I know they're at a good home. I can tell. And soon, I hope to get updated pictures of them. I have with all 3 of my adoptions up to now, I've gotten some kind of pictures or updates. Which makes me VERY happy, and much more content to let them go to new homes. It makes it less hard when you know it's a good home they're in.

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