My Adopted Kitties

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas to the Kitties!

Abby, Shannon (in the box), and Elsie, my own personal kitty. Shannon is finally not quite so completely terrified of other cats. She's still more of a people cat than a cat-cat, but she does love her son, Leto (who she STILL lets nurse at ~5 months), and she's getting more tolerating of Abby, since she's a buddy of Leto's.

Right after we set it up, Abby climbed to the tippy top of the tree. Her new fave spot.

I got all of my cats, both foster and permanent, a 74" cat tree with a zillion surfaces, and it's so pretty. And my kitties love it! At almost any given moment, there's at least one cat on it. They scratch at it, they play on it, they sleep on it.

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