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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Ducky and Gibbs

Poor Gibbs had to rush to the kitty ER Wednesday night. It was believed to be a reaction to his rabies shot. Ducky had all of her shots, and naught a problem. But little Gibbs began vomiting, dry heaving, being lethargic, and having some diarrhea. Finally, he started having difficulty breathing, so his new mama, C., rushed him to the ER. They stabilized him, and she took him to his normal vet first thing Thursday morning. The vet verified it was a reaction to the rabies shot, and gave him fluids for dehydration, a steroid shot, and antihistamine, and he spent the day there, getting rehydrated. Last I heard, he was still lethargic, and not eating, but at least, he wasn't throwing up any more, and was breathing normally.

Reactions to vaccines, such as the rabies shot, are RARE, let me emphasize that. And I am in no way saying don't vaccinate your cats. Absolutely not. Dying from rabies is painful, and I wouldn't want any pet to go through that. I'm just mentioning this, so that people will know that it can happen. Fortunately, Gibbs is okay now.

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