My Adopted Kitties

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Kitty Pictures

Nuala gets friendly sparring lessons from my older calicos, Chi-Chi and Elsie. This is Elsie.


Molly (and Keely's rear)

Cute picture of Nuala

Keely and Molly are both scheduled to be fixed July 11th. Once they are fixed (and recovered a bit), they will be available for adoption for $70. If you would be interested in adopting either of these kittens, you can email me (see the email cat on the sidebar), and I'll contact the higher-ups in FuRR, or you can email FuRR directly at saveacat @ (remove the spaces).

Nuala is probably spoken for. :D

We were at PetSmart in North Little Rock today, and we adopted out at least 4 cats, I think it was 5. One of them was a 2 year old black cat known as Willow. We're always happy (and sad, too, of course, if we've fostered them) to see them find good families, but especially happy when the non-kittens get adopted.

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