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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Mac Was Adopted Today

Mac and Nuala got fixed yesterday. Mac was supposed to be adopted today, so I wasn't really thrilled when I got home, and Mac wasn't happy. Aggressive, might be a good term. I was kind of concerned it wouldn't wear off by today. Well, it didn't, he was still cranky this morning. So we took him to PetSmart, him and Keely and Molly. Nuala refused to go back in a carrier, she hissed and spat and clawed. Not that I can blame her at all, after yesterday.

When we got to PetSmart, S. gave Mac some pain meds, and shortly after, he started acting more himself. I met his adoptive parents, they were nice. He's going to be a happy kitty in a good home, I can tell. They had the most awesome looking cat carrier. So pretty. The carrier technically belongs to his new sister, Bristol. We saw some "red threads" in Mac's adoption. His new sister is named Bristol, after the race track, my dad is a big NASCAR fan, and the adoptive mom's mother has a cat named Sam, which is what Mom called Mac for 3 days after we got him. "Sam, I mean, Mac!" LOL.

I think he'll be happy there. And I think they'll be happy with him. My first adoption...I'll miss the little guy, but he'll be in a good home.

At least 2 other kittens, Spencer and Hodge, were adopted today, as well. I think one other may have been adopted, too, though I could be wrong. So, 3, maybe 4 adoptions today. Not too shabby.

We just gave Nuala some pain meds not too long ago, hoping it will hit soon and she'll stop being so grumpy. I really can't blame her though, after being spayed. She acts like herself for the most part, except for being grumpy towards the other cats.

And we obviously need more experience giving pills to kittens. We had to give Molly some Flagyl, she's been having some tummy troubles, and it wasn't pretty, nor easy. But we think we finally got it down her. 4 more times...*sigh* Maybe we'll get better at it.

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