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Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Tortie Suede Cat...and Other Pictures

Molly and Keely (Keely will definitely be fixed in July, and the plan is for Molly to be, too. But she needs to fluff out a bit more before I'm comfortable with that. They'll both be available for adoption after they're fixed.)

Elsie, one of my permanent cats. It was too cute not to take a shot of.

Nuala, who is available for adoption, and Keely

Keely on my bed, sprawled out on her back.

Keely is my tortie foster baby. She's as sweet as can be, and calm. You barely have to touch her to make her purr here at home. She, of course, has to fight, as kittens do, because at least one kitten in the litter likes to play-fight. So she play-fights, but she really loves to Snuggle. Cuddle. Be petted.

She's really soft, too, hence the title of the post. It took me a while to figure out just what, exactly, she felt like. She has really soft, short fur, especially on her tummy. It took me a while, but finally, it occurred to me. Suede. She feels like suede. She's soft and warm like suede wrapped around a hot water bottle, or something.

She does like to play with your fingers, and that seems to always include nipping. We're working to break her of that. Any advice on that would be appreciated, other than my approach of 'no' and taking my fingers away. But she's a real sweetie, despite that. And she never nips hard.

Anyway, Keely will be available for adoption after she is fixed July 11. I think she'd make a good companion cat, she's calm with other cats, willing to curl up and be submissive to a more dominant kitty. Or a companion for a person, as she loves her one-on-one attention and love. What cat doesn't? She's really pretty, her pictures really don't do her justice. Torties are difficult to photograph, apparently. She's a mix of black, orange, and a light sherbet-ish color.

EDIT: I just realized all these pictures have my cats asleep, or just woken up. Says something about the lifestyles of cats, doesn't it?

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Rags to Riches Cat Rescue said...

Chen Le, age 5 looks like the rescue's Bo.

I read somewhere the other day that cats sleep an average of 11 hours a day. But :It seems like more.