My Adopted Kitties

Thursday, June 18, 2009


is available for adoption. She's spayed and has had her first set of shots. And I'm now convinced her spay-incision is healing up well enough to promote her. She's a Siamese mix (her brother is Mac, who was adopted 06/14), with blue eyes and some orange spots, showing off the fact her mother is, we believe, a tortie. The orange is on her ears and her tail. Her brownish spots are darkening up as she gets older. She used to be white with spots that were just a shade darker. I had a cat when I was young who had much the same markings, and they get darker as they get older. She also has half of a mustache on her face. It's cute.

She's a sweetie, nosey and curious. She loves to snuggle and likes to be held "like a baby". She loves to play, like any kitten. She's very in-your-face. If she wants attention, she wants it NOW. LOL. But she's a precious little cat, absolutely loving. Like all the kittens I have, she's good with other cats (we have 3 permanent residents), and with small children (I have a 4 year old sister who likes to lug them around). She's about 3 months old, born right around St. Patrick's Day.

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