My Adopted Kitties

Friday, June 12, 2009

You can only cut as deep as you're willing to be cut...

That's what I've discovered. Mac and Nuala are getting fixed tomorrow. That means they can officially be adopted. As in, they won't be mine any more, once they are adopted. Oh, they'll always be "mine", but I won't raise them any more. It's looking real promisingly that Mac will have a family on Sunday. Some one was inquiring with FuRR about a Siamese male kitten, and the one they inquired about on Petfinder had already been adopted. I'm happy and sad at the same time. Happy, because this is what I've been raising them for. So that they would be good for new families. Sad because, well, I love them. My job has been to teach them how to love, and you can't do that unless you allow yourself to love. So fostering is something of a double-edged sword. You can only give as much love as you're willing to have taken.

I love them, I'll miss them. If any body who adopts my foster kits would like to send me updates now and then, I would love it, but I don't expect it. I wonder if maybe after the first time it will be easier. Maybe I'll ask the other foster moms at the clinic tomorrow. Many of them have been doing this for many years. The only one I know a definite number for is S., and she's been doing this for 7 years. On average, she's kept one cat she's fostered a year. So there are some that you raise that you just can't let go.

I know whoever gets my kits will be happy with them. They're all sweethearts. Molly is actually curled up on my legs right now, curled against the heat my laptop creates (they've all discovered this awesome warm spot). Whoever gets these kits will be awfully blessed with some sweet souls. My only hope for them is really good homes, where they're part of the family, not just pets.

Tons of pics, yes. I did something of a photo shoot this evening.

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